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74sqemblem300transAfter a great result from the weekend before at Brands Hatch it was soon time to get Chis Slator's 306 Rallye ready for the its next outing. Chris's first year in motorsport in the 306 has been good enough to get him invited to join the RAFMSA Team in the Birkett 6 Hour Endurance Relay Race at Siverstone. The Royal Air Force team were returning to win the handicapped race for the 3rd time.
The 306 of Chris Slator went out for Qualifying and returned 15th out of 64 in his group. Unfortunately, opening Team Driver Martin Astley in his D type Jaguar sprung a leak from a seal in a front brake caliper during his Qualifying session, it was clear Martin would not start the team from the grid as planned.
306fuzzyfront300Chris stepped up to take the start, it was decided to send him out for a long stint, the 306 was fuelled for a 50/60 minute run. Chris lined up on the grid with the 63 other cars, the lights went out and the race begun. Carrying more fuel than most Chris made a clean and intelligent start, knowing there was 6 hours and a long stint in front of him. He soon found some space and started to get his lap times down.
Meanwhile Martin had now found a new calliper for his D type, Podium Prep took the car under its wing and got it race worthy again. A very grateful Martin returned after a quick road test in the D type and gave the team a thumbs up "were ready to race again thanks to Andy of Podium Prep".
Chris had returned from a 50 minute stint and In true Battle of Britain style Podium Prep had the car turned round, fuelled, checked and ready to do battle within 5 minutes. The car was sat on standby while Martin and the other team members took their turns.
2 1/2 Hours into the race and the chance for rain was getting high, Podium Prep had already anticpated the arrival of the weather front and had the 306 already in wet race set up. When then the rain came. the RAFMSA team took advantage of this Podium Prep forethought and Chris was sent out again. After 3 or 4 laps it was clear to the team that the 306 was amongst the quickest out there, it was decided to leave him out for as long as they could. Chris again saw a stint for nearly 1 hour and gained another 3 places.
Chris was now being named 'The Anchor Man' although Chris was unsure if this due to his solid perforformance or him being at home in the wet. Once the 306 was back in the hands of Podium Prep a full check on the car was carried out, given the long and hard sessions the car had endured during the last few hours Andy was proud to report that the Javelin Trackdays supported car was all ok. It was fuelled and ready to go. It was becoming increasingly obvious that Chris and the 306 were the strongest combination in the team in these conditions, so Chris would take to the wheel of the 306 for another long stint to the end. During his last stint he gained yet another 2 places. After 6 hours of racing Chris brought the ultra relaible Javelin Trackdays / Podium Prep liveried 306 Rallye home. Chris being given the honour of taking the chequered flag for the team.