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redbmwpojsnett250Podium Prep really understands the trackday scene, not only do you need a car this quick but one that slows and handles in a way that allows you to exploit the power. Reliability is paramount, how often do you see trackday drivers wasting vauable tracktime repairing their cars in the paddock ?

We also understand the need for correct silencing, no point in prepping a car that sounds the business if it is not allowed to do the business on track. We won't sell you a "bling" exhaust but we will sell a useable one that also makes the most of your available power.


ajsnett10_250Strangely enough, having driven hundreds of track miles testing and helping drivers to to develop their cars full potential Podium Prep proprietor Andy Jebson had never actually raced until recently.
After building a Peugeot 306 Rallye Race Car for RAFMSA driver Chris Slator. Chris asked him to share the race drive, podium places have followed ever since. The build of this car can be followed in pictures elswhere on this site.

Podium Prep offers a complete service from a tyre change, on event technical support through to a complete race ready build.


Podium Prep proprietor Andy Jebson was brought up around rally cars (he had no choice) as his Dad Colin was a regular competitor at regional, national and international levels. His Dad was also a prime mover in the running of the Bloodhound, MAD Video and Tour of LIncs Rallies. Andy soon demonstrated a penchant for preparartion from an early age. Prefering that direction rather than driving. His satisfaction came from the car running right and finishing, great qualities for a car builder.


No matter how much you spend on a car the money spent can be wasted unless the driver understands the dynamics and characteristics of driving it. The best tuning aid and invaribly the cheapest is Instruction. At Podium we have a portfolio of "Instructors", guys and girls who can communicate the hidden art of getting the best out you and the car.


Motorsport Logistics can be a nightmare. Why not let Podium Prep take the strain by transporting your car or equipment, from a simple move to an Arrive & Drive package for your own car.